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What do I pack for my bicycle tour?

Bike  related  Items 

  • Spare tubes x 3

  • Spare tires x 2

  • 2 extra wheel spokes

  • Spare  Derailleur Hanger

  • Tire levers

  • Multi-tool (allen key)

  • Cleaning rag/wipes

  • Saddle  bag (remove any C02 cartridges)

  • Speedometer and attachments

  • Charging apparatus for bike if applicable

  • Pedals (if you are renting a bicycle, please bring your  pedals)

Clothing & essentials

  • Bike  helmet

  • Cycling jerseys

  • Bike  shorts

  • Bike shoes( 2 if you have them in case one gets wet from rain)

  • Socks

  • Rain Jacket (Day Bag)

  • Bike Gloves

  • Sweat bands/caps/bandana

  • Waterproof rain booties, if you wish in case it rains or bring  spare shoes.

  • Sunglasses

  • Post ride shoes or  sandals (Day Bag)

  • Post ride set of clothes- shirt, shorts, underwear (Day  Bag)

  • Sunscreen (Day Bag)

  • Chamois cream  (Day Bag)

  • Washing Liquid.

  • Laundry Bag for soiled  clothes

  • Casual wear day and night. Farewell dinner: casual elegance

  • White clothing for Hotel's white night  beach party ( where applicable)

  • Toiletries



  • 2  Water  bottles ( we provide water & Gatorade  daily)

  • Energy bars/ gels you usually use

  • Snacks, fruits, sandwiches are provided on the  bus and at rest stops



  • Credit/Debit Card ( widely accepted in Jamaica  - Visa/Amex/Mastercard)

  • Cash – carry some  $1-5 notes for small purchases and tipping.

  • Driver’s license  is useful ID. 

  • Passport – double check the expiry date

  • Photocopies of passport and credit cards

  • Printed copy of your international medical insurance

  • Don't forget your team tip contribution. Our staff component is quite large so we recommend $125-150 per person

  • Fill  in your immigration form prior to arrival at

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