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Please read below about the hotel  choices before clicking on the booking date to ensure you  make  the  choice that is best for you.


Before you book, please take note of the differences between booking GRAND or LUXURY Packages.


Grand Bahia vs Luxury Bahia..what's  the difference?

If you stay at Luxury you have access to the Grand and the Luxury

but  if you stay at the  Grand you do  NOT  have  access to the  Luxury side

What's the difference between the Grand and Luxury? 
Grand is for everyone including children

Luxury is adults only.

Approximately 85% of our guests choose to stay in the Luxury.

Luxury is a smaller property so its more intimate.  Luxury has a cold towel welcome, personalized check  in  and concierge  services, and an upgraded bar selection. It also has room service included.


Grand has a very large lobby that is expansive and open with nice shops and sports bar adjoining. 
They have recently added a jerk food centre by the pool and a fabulous  market style for breakfast and dinner that is  amazing ( Luxury guests have access too)

All  rooms at both resorts are spacious junior suites.  All the suites are exacty the same in each resort. The only difference in the  room types is the  view. There are three view types:
SUperior/Deluxe (no specific view guarantees)

Seaview - view of the sea - about 400 metres from the sea

Oceanfront- closer view of the sea -about 200 metres.


The Luxury bathroom is a bit larger and  has  two  wash  sinks vs the Grand bathroom  with  only one  facebasin.  Both resorts have great seaviews . 

The  buffet  is extensive with a wide variety of choices. If you stay at Luxury you can go to both buffets. Note to Vegans: the Grand Buffet has a dedicated vegan section each night

Storms Opinion: We think that the Luxury Seaview offers the best value with a great view. 

Note:  ALL Oceanfront rooms ONLY have king sized beds.

Note that the flat TVs in the rooms are a bit smaller than average in both resorts (but you didnt come to Jamaica to watch TV! There's too much going on to be bothered with that right?)

NOTE:  As Jamaicans, we are  a chill  people, so leave that stress behind. It's your well earned vacation and we deliver a top class event! You're going to have a GREAT TIME!

HOLD your booking NOW! Rates go up every month! The earlier you book, the less you pay!

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