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Cancellation Policy

Cycle Jamaica ride packages

Cancelation Policy Main Event: Bahia

Cancelation Policy 

93 days or more                  $299                     Initial deposit is not refundable.

92- 63 days                          $399                    penalty

62-49 days prior                 $599                    penalty

32-48 days prior                 $899                    penalty

Less than 31 days               no refund             penalty

Above applies to each  person booked, regardless if they booked cycling or non cycling packages

It is not possible to transfer a cancelled booking to another date nor to another person.

Sometimes things can come up and you find that you have to cancel.  We highly recommend you buy trip insurance to cover the cancellation fees should that occur.  Trip cancellation insurance is your choice and its not mandatory to purchase it but highly recommended.

Medical Travel insurance is mandatory. Most travel insurances cover both but not all. Many credit cards include travel insurance if you book the trip with that card. Airlines often offer a very low price option for limited but acceptable coverage when purchasing your airline ticket. It doesnt matter if you  are cycling or not cycling, you must have travel medical insurance. Unfortunately persons can fall ill or have an accident at any time when travelling and having insurance can make the difference in the kind of care you can access. Never leave home without insurance. The cost is usually around $30-60 depending on the type of plan you  choose.

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