Cancellation Policy

Cycle Jamaica ride packages

Cancelation Policy as of 20 June 2021.

93 days or more                 Full refund            no penalty


92- 63 days                         $150                     penalty


62-49 days prior                 $250                     penalty


48-35 days prior                 $399                     penalty


34-21 days prior                  $599                     penalty


Less than 21 days               no refund             penalty


To answer the question. What happens if there is a LOCKDOWN IN JAMAICA ?

In the unlikely event that  Jamaica decides to lock down during the dates of our  ride, and we are unable

To get an exemption to operate our ride, then participants have the option to cancel and 100% of the  amount

paid can be applied as a credit towards any of  our future Rides, or  can opt to cancel and receive a full refund less a $95 fee.


We of course  remain positive that this is  unlikely. We have never had to cancel a ride in 10 years and Our Novemeber RR will be our 4th

Post  pandemic ride. Think about it: there  are also  many other disasters that could happen: a

Hurricane, earthquake or whatever. If we were to to spend our time worrying about all the  negative things that could possibly

happen,  then we would  never be able to offer this ride,  covid  or not.. We keep  our  thoughts positive and focus on providing

our  usual  high quality rides.