So you are coming on vacation and want to go riding , well you have found the perfect place. 

For us, safety is  our  number 1 priority! So  we do not offer rides without the supporting vehicle for safety reasons.

Cycling on the roads with cars, no matter where you  are in the world, comes with risk and the fact is that should there be an emergency, there is no  911 to call  so that you can get urgent  care and private ambulance is limited so valuable time could be lost . Having a sag vehicle not only keeps traffic away from the cyclists but provides the immediate ability to move an injured cyclist. Also if there is a sudden downpour or the cyclist is unable to continue for whatever reason, the sag vehicle is there.


Could you go without  and be  ok? Sure.  But not on our watch!

Our routes; We primarily ride along the Northcoast highway because of the excellent road conditions.. The guide will

determine the route based on the individual requirements and what the cyclist wishes to achieve. So the trip is customized to suit the cyclist.

Because our  team and  office is based in Montego Bay and  Falmouth, rates are substantially lower.

  • Sag Vehicle: US$50 per hour with driver  (minimum 2 hours):   Flat rate for 1-4 persons

  • Cycling guide: US$45 per hour (minimum 2 hours)  1-2 persons.  Per person

  • Professional Cycling coach: US$85 per hour  (minimum 2 hours) 1-2 persons

  • Carbon  Bicycle rental: US$125  per day . BIcycles are full  carbon road bikes, with Shimano 105 groupsets, Keo pedals.

Bicycle Rental - Carbon Bicycle

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