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1.  You will  need to complete the travel authorization application online. It's like a questionnaire to determine if you  are high risk.  Once you are not deemed high risk,  you will get approved within minutes and get the authorization back  by email. You  print it off and bring it with you. Visit the website for all updates and information but the current rules are valid until April 15, 2021.


2. You need to have a negative covid-19 antigen test result , from a test not done sooner than 3 days prior to travel.  Present the printed negative result at check in for your flight. 

3. Before you can return to the USA , you must do a covid-19 test in Jamaica. This is included in your package and is  coordinated

and done right in your  hotel. You are given the printed negative test result to present to the airline.

I am sure all participants will feel more comfortable knowing that everyone has tested prior to  joining our  ride and we will  do daily temperature checks and protocols every  morning before we ride out.

Because RIU has such awesome covid policies, we will now only be including  RIU all-inclusive resorts for our ride packages.

What about the protocols during the ride?
This ride is operated by Holiday Services, a licensed tour operator that has been covid-certified. All covid-certified tour operators are listed on the website.

The required protocols for temperature checks, sanitizing and mask wearing will be observed. No masks are worn whilst riding but should be around your neck so that its easy to put on at our rest stops. Your safety is our  utmost priority and always has been!   We have been operating  rides since 2009!

tpdco covid certificate page one.jpg

The New protocols were passed in the Cabinet and become effective on October 10th, 2020 and are kept updated via the official website for tourists:

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