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BICYCLES - Rentals, Shipping, Bring your own

BICYCLE RENTAL We have a limited amount of bicycles in stock so we recommend your checking if your size is available before booking by the various messenger apps or by email to or whatsapp 876 869 6376 Our bicycles are high end carbon bicycles with Shimano 105 mechanical groupsets. Rental rate is $325. You will find it in the optional extras after you choose your ride package. We do have 2 x electronic groupset carbon bikes size 54 on special request for $450. Please bring your own helmet, pedals, water bottles, speedometers. BICYCLE SHIPPING Shipped bicycles attract customs duties and doesnt work for Jamaica. Do not ship your bike. BRING YOUR OWN BIKE Many airlines no longer charge extra for bicycles, no matter the size of the case, it is still considered like a regular piece of Luggage (American Airlines and more). However some do class a bike case as oversized (Southwest) and sometimes have embargos on large items to Jamaica. So its crucial you check both the bicycle policy and their embargo policies to avoid being disappointed at the airport when you go to check in.

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There are a limited supply of high end carbon bicycles, with Shimano 105 components. Book early before your size is booked out! Bring your pedals. $325 for 4 days. Available via our booking site unde


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