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Jackie Roots is an amazing Rastawoman with a huge heart. She is OUR hero: a true humanitarian in every sense of the word. She takes in children with special needs, abandoned children and society’s rejects and gives them a home filled with love.

The home has relocated to the hills  of St Ann and is not government funded. She survives off the generosity of donations from private citizens, visitors and organizations.

Its a huge struggle as there are daily expenses and her needs are many. She has a constant need for day-to-day needs, especially toiletries and disposable diapers for the paralyzed children and adults in her care. She needs cash to buy simple things like credit for her telephone, to pay for doctors visits and supplies to keep the home clean and feed her ever-growing family.

We encourage our Road Cycling Tour cyclists to bring their donations in cash/kind and present it directly to Jackie Roots on our Jamaica Reggae Ride OR to send it directly to her bank account in Jamaica.

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