Cycle Jamaica Rides

An overview

Cycle Jamaica  Rides

Our bicycle Tours
 are all  inclusive packaged holidays, that includes hotel  accomodations,  3 days of

cycling rides catering to all levels of cyclists,  and airport transfers.

This is a group ride and our primary concern is for safety. This is why we have cycling tour leaders, sag vehicles and police escorts.  Normally we split into 2 or 3 groups at different pace levels ,each with ride leaders whose job is to keep the group together at all times, with our sag vehicles in the rear of each group. This is a concierge service tour with experienced cyclists as tour leaders.


Our stops are well planned so as to ensure everyone experiences the real Jamaica: we will have a rest stop at a farmer's market/fruit stall , we visit with local school children and add other stops  that help you to feel and experience the soul of Jamaica.  The Jamaican people are warm and genuinely friendly.  You'll get to meet them up close and in their real world!

There is time in the afternoons to meet up with fellow cyclists, spouses and friends to explore the island's beaches, restaurants and attractions or to take in a massage or visit a spa.

Strava Challenges


So come on, let's ride!
Let us show you why Jamaica is truly the "heartbeat" of the Caribbean

We will have fixed Strava segment challenges during our rides.- for fun.  Please don't take it too seriously! It's not a race but a challenge and it certainly can  be fun to see your name on the Jamaica Strava leader boards!  There will be at least one challenge segment each day,  and a KOM/QOM King  and  Queen of the Mountain challenge. There will be prizes for those who take top spots from our group.