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- 18- 39 male/female
- 40-49 m/f
- 50-59 m/f
- 60+    m/f

There will be podiums for each of these 4 age categoies for males, and separate podiums for females.

Prizes are awarded for each podium, for each of the 3 challenges, PLUS for the top 5 winners of the overall event.



Individuals can register as members of a team to take part in the Team Competition.Team members can belong to any age category.  Teams can be of any gender category.

  • The team with the lowest score will be declared the winner.

  • How are the scores determined: Add the placing of the top four of each team to determine the winner.
    So as an example:
    Team 1  Places are 1,2, 3 ,20  = 26

  •  Team 2 Places are  4, 5,6, 7 =  22

  • The podium - top 3 teams will be awarded prizes, regardless of age group.

  • All members of a Cycling Team are eligible for individual age group prizes, separately from team awards

  • There is no maximum amount of members per team.


The Him+Her team competition consists of two age categories. Add the male and female participant ages together.

 Category 1: 90 and under

Category 2: 91 and over

 Working together is allowed, even pushing each other.  However this then makes you ineligible for the individual

age group or team prizes.


There are 3 podiums for each of the 2 age categories


more info coming soon

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